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Why Door Hangers Work So Well

No matter what kind of advertising campaign you are running, if no one see's your ad then you aren't going to bring in any new customers. Door hangers are one of the only types of advertising that literally force your prospects to look at them. When someone goes to open their door and see's your hanger on their knob, in order to remove it they HAVE to pick it up and look at it. This gives you a chance to get your marketing messages seen by your local customers, and more often than not, you're going to get an increase in business if you send out an effective door hanger campaign. Doing door hanger advertising is not easy, first you have to design your hangers, then you have to get them printed, and then you need to find a way to distribute them to all the people in your local area. This can be a headache if you've never done it before, but don't worry...

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The Door Hanger Marketplace Is Your Number One Solution For All Your Door Hanger Advertising Needs

“Where you can get incredibly effective door hangers designed, printed, and distributed to your local area!”

Find The Best Designers, Printers and Distribution

What your door hanger looks like and what it says are going to determine whether or not people are going to respond to your ads. If you were to try to do this yourself or hire some amateur to do it for you, you run the risk of sending our door hangers that just won't work. So here at The Door Hanger Marketplace you'll only find professional designers that create eye catching door hangers! These door hangers not only look good, but are also written using effective advertising copy that gets people to respond. So if you need a custom door hanger designed, post your job to The Door Hanger Marketplace and you'll have some of the best door hanger designers in the world bidding for your business.

Normally, after you design a door hanger ad you have to worry about finding a good printer to work with to print hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of door hangers for you. This can be a huge task and as a busy business owner you probably don't have the time for it. That's why you can simply post a printing job to The Door Hanger Marketplace and have the best printers bidding for your business. This way you can ensure you're getting the best deal possible! All the printers on The Door Hanger Marketplace use high quality card stock to print your hangers on, so that they will hang proudly on your customers door knobs boldly displaying your advertising message.

There was a businessman who had a great door hanger designed, had it printed up on super nice glossy card stock, and was excited that it was time to finally get his hangers out into the community. So he went out and hired several teenagers to go out and hang his hangers in the local community. After 10 days of receiving very little new business, he was surprised when he got a call from a man who lived in his area... “Hey, I just found about 4000 of your door hangers in the creek in my backyard...” The businessman hung up the phone in shame, realizing the entire campaign had been wasted... Don't let this happen to you! Instead of depending on people you may or may not be able to trust, you can work with reputable distributors on The Door Hanger Marketplace. Simply post your distribution job to our marketplace and watch the bids roll in. You'll be able to pick one out of several top distributors who will complete your job and get your hangers out to your local community.

Here You Can Track Everything

Any time you're distributing door hangers, you want to be sure that your hangers are actually being posted on doors. This is why we have created an exclusive app that you can install on your phone to keep track of your distribution order. What this app does is show you GPS sourced data that allows you to follow where the delivery person has been. We're talking longitude, latitude, speed, direction, and more. We also have a solution in place that allows you to track how effective your door hanger campaign has been. With this technology you'll be able to track the number of phone calls coming in, the call duration, and text of what was said during the call. This information is extremely valuable and can help you run even more profitable campaigns in the future.

Manage Every Aspect Of Your Project

With The Door Hanger Marketplace, you have the freedom to post projects for the door hanger design, door hanger printing, and door hanger distribution. You will get bids on your job from top notch suppliers in each of these categories and you can make the final decision as to which one you'll give your business to. This streamlined “bid-for-work” approach makes communication easy, and you'll never have to worry about emailing back and forth to many different suppliers.

We also have a built in ratings system where you can pick suppliers based on their previous work. If a supplier treats his customers right and performs a high quality job then they are going to get high ratings. So when you post your job on The Door Hanger Marketplace, you'll be able to see the rating of each supplier that's bidding to work. This way you can ensure you're working with a supplier that is going to get your job done, do a good job, and ask for a fair price.

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“Where you can get incredibly effective door hangers designed, printed, and distributed to your local area!”